Any person can register with business family by purchasing joining kits of 50PV, 60PV, 70PV, 80PV, 90PV and 100PV plus Rs. 500/- as registration. He/She is valid for one year from the date of joining and will have get renewed every year by payment of Rs. 250/- mandatary and grace period of 90 days applicable with fine of Rs.100/-.

Sr.No. Rank Target PV Leadership Bonus(%)
1 Advisor 2000 25 %
2 Sr. Advisor 4000 30 %
3 Group Leader 8000 35%
4 Organiser 20000 40 %
5 Manager 40000 45 %
6 Emarald 100000 50 %
7 Diamond 250000 55 %
8 Crown 600000 60 %
9 LAP 1200000 65 %

There are 7 different types of earning :
  • MLG (Micro Level Growth) / Safety Net.
  • Binery (Limited Option)
  • Leadership Bonus (L.B.)
  • Incentives
  • Award & Rewards
  • Royalty
  • Credit option
N.B.: An IBO can not hold two ID all together and can not change his/her position except special conditions and approval by the management.
  1. MLG / Safety Net:- For every 20 pv. there will be 1 unit form Joining as well as from repurchase and these unit will be place on the Growth plant automatically first cum first place basis. Thus every unit will earn upto 11th level unintrruptly. But, on 12th level must sponsor 1 IBO, 13th level must sponsor 2 IBO, 14th level must sponsor 4 IBO and 15th level must sponsor 8 IBO. Thus every unit will generate direct amount on competition of next level @ Rs. 20/- per level. The sponsor will earn always 50% of direct referral earning.
  2. Binary:- Any direct joining will be placed automatically first left and then right. In the ration 100pv(L) : 100pv(R) gives Rs.500/- per pair upto limited pair only. 40,000(L) : 40,000(R) 400 pair only Joining as well as repurchase is considered 400 x 500 = Rs.2 lacs maximum will earn by every IBO's.
  3. Leadership Bonus:- The gap differences will be always from joining as well as from repurchase.
    Example (Let U be at 50% level).
    • Then you earning 25% A’s Business Volume
    • 20% B’s Business Volume
    • 15 % C’s Business Volume
    • 10% D’s Business Volume
    L.B:- As per ranking and target % level earning generates from Joining as well as from repurchases uninterruptedly everlong never stops.
  4. Incentives:-
    Ranking Incentive
    Sr. Advisor300
    Group Leader600

    Percenter(%) Incentive

    Direct Incentive
    No. of JoiningBVRateAmount
    5D250BV@Rs. 50/-Rs. 250/-
    10D500BV@Rs. 75/-Rs. 750/-
    25D1250BV@Rs. 100/-Rs. 2500/-
    50D2500BV@Rs. 125/-Rs. 6500/-
    100D5000BV@Rs. 150/-Rs. 15000/-
    150D7500BV@Rs. 175/-Rs. 26250/-
    200D10000BV@Rs. 200/-Rs. 40000/-
    250D12500BV@Rs. 225/-Rs. 56250/-
    300D15000BV@Rs. 250/-Rs. 75000/-

  5. Awards & Incentives:-
    Awards & Incentives
    Sr. No.RankWeak Leg BVTotal BVAwards
    1Advisor503001 Wrist Watch
    2Sr. Advisor100050002 Mobile
    3Sr. Advisor2600100003 Refrigerator
    4Group Leader200090004 Mobile
    5Group Leader4600160005 Refrigerator
    6Group Leader11000350006 Computer
    7Group Leader21000500007 Bajaj CT 100
    8Organiser4000350008 Refrigerator
    9Organiser12500600009 Computer
    10Organiser2550010000010 Bajaj CT 100
    11Organiser4200015000011 Hero Honda
    12Manager1000010000012 Refrigerator
    13Manager2250015000013 Computer
    14Manager3500020000014 Bajaj CT 100
    15Manager5200045000015 Hero Honda
    16Emarald5000025000016 Computer
    17Emarald6250030000017 Bajaj CT 100
    18Emarald8000035000018 Hero Honda
    19Emarald14600050000019 Maruti Car
    20Emarald24600075000020 Tata Indica
    21Diamond10000035000021 Computer
    22Diamond11250040000022 Bajaj CT 100
    23Diamond14000045000023 Hero Honda
    24Diamond20000065000024 Maruti Car
    25Diamond30000080000025 Tata Indica
    26Diamond430000140000026 Hyundai Accent
    27Crown20000080000027 Bajaj CT 100
    28Crown21600085000028 Hero Honda
    29Crown275000100000029 Maruti Car
    30Crown375000120000030 Tata Indica
    31Crown500000180000031 Hyundai Accent
    32LAP300000110000032 Hero Honda
    33LAP400000150000033 Maruti Car
    34LAP530000200000034 Tata Indica
    35LAP775000300000035 Hyundai Accent

  6. Royalty:-
    • 3% Manager of total business volume of company
    • 2.5% Emerald of total business volume of company
    • 2% Diamond of total business volume of company
    • 1.5% Crown of total business volume of company
    • 1% LAP of total business volume of company
    • Manager required 1000 T.B.V / month
    • Emerald required 2000 T.B.V / month
    • Diamond required 3000 T.B.V / month
    • Crown required 4000 T.B.V / month
    • LAP required 5000 T.B.V / month
  7. Credit option:-

    Any royalty achiever can finance and give loan to the loan customer subject to the availability of the fund. In such case loan seeker have to register with loan ID and royalty achiever recommendation and acceptance of risk company will released the fund to the loan ID holder in the following manner.

    • Initially Rs. 5000 @ 3% per month on recovery.
    • Rs. 10000 @ 2.5% per month on recovery.
    • Rs. 25000 @ 2% per month on recovery.
    • Rs. 50000 @ 2% per month on recovery.
    • Rs. 100000 @ 2% per month on recovery.
1 PV = Rs.40/- always and 1BV = Rs.15/- always.
Ranking Criteria
  • Advisor: On being paid registration fees + Products (Kits)
  • Sr.Advisor: One advisor Left side and One Advisor Right side and 1000 pts on boths side.
  • Group Leader: One Sr.Advisor Left side and One Sr.Advisor Right side and 2000 pts on both side.
  • Organiser: One Group Leader Left side and One Group Leader Right side and 4000 pts on both side.
  • Manager: One Organiser Left side and One Organiser Right side and 10,000 pts on both side
  • Emarald: One Manager Left side and One Manager Right side and 50,000 pts on both side
  • Diamond: One Emarald Left side and One Emarald Right side and 1,00,000 pts on both side
  • Crown: One Diamond Left side and One Diamond Right side and 2,00,000 pts on both side.
  • LAP: One Crown Left side and One Crown Right side and 3,00,000 pts on both side.